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The Legend of Callejon del Beso

El Callejón del Beso (Kissing Alley) in Guanajuato separates the houses of two lovers who suffered a tragic story during the 18th century.


“Luis, my father has decided to send me to a convent because he doesn’t approve of our relationship. I promise I’ll love you forever and I’ll honor in my heart the love we have shared.”

“Carmen, I will never leave you, I’ll do whatever I can to be by your side, I promise.”

Some time later, young Luis spent all his savings in order to buy a house located right in front of Carmen’s; with only a narrow alley that was 69 centimeters wide separating them.

Every evening Carmen and Luis would enjoy long conversations and deep kisses. Brigit, Carmen’s lady-in-waiting, encouraged this great love by guarding the lady’s door from outside so that her father wouldn’t realize what Carmen was doing with her loved one.

One day, Brigit was not able to stop her master and so he barged in the room. Once in, he saw Luis kissing Carmen’s hand, and that made him feel so infuriated that he threw a dagger at his daughter and pierced her heart, killing her instantly.


When you walk the streets of downtown Guanajuato, in Mexico, you’ll find magical framings of paved streets and colonial colorful houses worth capturing with your camera. That’s why DINKtravelers invites you to visit El Callejón del Beso (Kissing Alley), the scenery that inspired Carmen and Luis’ legend, and the place where you’ll want to prove your love for photography.

If you get there by car you should park it near Los Angeles Square because you can only reach the alley on foot. Then, on your way to the alley, which is located behind the square, check out the beautiful colonial homes that are still kept in perfect condition. You’ll know that you’ve reached the alley once you find a street with a very narrow end that possesses a small red staircase.

If you go there during the weekend, it’s probable that you’ll have to queue in order to reach the third red step of the alley’s staircase, which is very popular among tourists. It’s there where couples are supposed to kiss and take a picture, according to tradition. If they don’t, they’ll be condemned to seven years of bad luck!

You can also visit the houses where each of the legend’s lovers supposedly lived during the 18th century and you’ll get the chance to imagine how the tragic scene that ended their love developed.

Continue your route across Guanajuato and head to the Local Museum on Positos street. There you’ll find some archaeological items, objects related with popular culture and temporary exhibits inspired in topics related with Guanajuato. Finally, on Benito Juarez Avenue you’ll find Our Lady of Guanajuato’s basilica, a magnificent example of baroque architecture.