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Discovery Kit of Central Park

You need more than one day to visit all of Central Park, also known as New York’s Lung. We’ll tell you which landmarks you can’t miss.


In the heart of New York, and with 843 acres, lies Central Park, one of the biggest urban parks in the world, and also one of the best known.

Central Park’s landscape is easily recognized due to the numerous times when it has been used as a setting for TV shows and movies, and because it’s a fundamental site for everyday life in New York. There you’ll find countless touristic attractions including trails, artificial lakes, cascades, woods, museums, and even a zoo! Therefore, here in DINKtravelers we know that we could dedicate several articles to try to describe the experiences you’ll live at each of these places. Yet, today we’ll talk about a special corner in Central Park that is not so frequently mentioned. We refer to Turtle Pond.


As we said before, in Central Park you can find different settings where you can practice diverse activities, mainly related with sports; but if you wish to relax, Turtle Pond is the best place to rest and enjoy a peaceful time. This small pond is located in the heart of Central Park, south of the Lake and west of the Metropolitan Museum. That’s why it’s completely isolated from the city’s noisy environment. You’ll find that it’s the ideal spot to take a breather after an exhausting visit to the immense Metropolitan Museum and to enjoy the great view with skyscrapers trying to stick out behind the tall trees.


Near the shore, and on the highest peak in Central Park, you’ll also discover Belvedere Castle, a fortified Victorian construction that was built in 1865 by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux. The castle offers stunning views of the park, but beyond that, it houses the Henry Luce Nature Observatory. This touristic attraction is a must for lovers of astronomy, especially since visitors are allowed to use the telescopes, microscopes and binoculars on site.

Across the lake, with Belvedere Castle posing solemnly for your pictures, you’ll find the equestrian sculpture of the King of Poland and Great Duke of Lithuania Wladyslaw II Jagiello. The monument is colloquially known as King Jagiello, and it’s one of the more than 30 sculptures you’ll find in Central Park.

After your break in Turtle Pond, take a bike tour, a carriage and horse ride or a walk around Central Park. Try to spend as many hours as you can at this natural setting before going back to the boutiques located in the long avenues. And remember, you will need more than one day to visit all of Central Park.