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Paragliding in Santo Antonio do Pinhal

Discover the beauty of  Brazil’s natural landscape by paragliding in Pico Agudo, in Santo Antonio do Pinhal.

We know travelers are always in search for new adventures. Most of the times, the perfect setting for those adventures is a natural environment, as you have seen in our previous articles about ecoturism in the Mexican southeast, different activities in Gemona del Friuli, or mountaineering tourism. On this occasion, DINKtravelers, your world travel guide, wants to introduce you to the perfect destination to enjoy Brazil’s natural landscape from above by paragliding in Santo Antonio do Pinhal.

The City of Santo Antonio, Brazil

Located in Brazil, 172 km away from Sao Paulo, in the heart of the Mantiqueira mountain range, Santo Antonio do Pinhal is surrounded by exuberant nature. With its crystal clear streams, this destination will leave you speechless.

Santo Antonio do Pinhal houses several attractions such as the Eugenio Lefebre train station, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee. Then, you can go to the Mirador do Cruzeiro overlook and admire the natural landscape. This destination has great weather, ideal for long walks, parachuting and paragliding in Pico Agudo.

Route to Santo Antonio do Pinhal from Sao Paulo

Driving from Sao Paulo, you can get to Santo Antonio do Pinhal by taking one of these routes: The Dutra route or the Airton Senna highway.

As soon as you reach Sao José dos Campos, head towards Sur de Minas and Rodovia SP 050. Drive across Monteiro Lobato / SP and head to Campos do Jordao.

Another option is to take the Airton Senna highway and then take the Floriano Rodrigues Pinheiro highway towards  Campos do Jordao.

Where to Stay in Santo Antonio do Pinhal

Santo Antonio do Pinhal is not only full of nature, but also lodging options. Some of the most popular ones are romantic chalets. Although they offer a relaxing experience away from the chaos of the city, they also have a chimney, a DVD player, and TVs.

Another option is to stay at an inn. This way you’ll have easy access to all the local attractions and restaurants. Click this link to get more information about this alternative.

Paraglading in Pico Agudo

If you’re one of those brave travelers who love heights and adrenaline, Santo Antonio do Pinhal has the right place for you. Pico Agudo is located at 1700 meters above sea level, and around 800 meters above the landing point located in the nearby municipality of Pindamonhangaba.

How to Get to Pico Agudo

You can get to Pico Agudo by following a 4-mile long dirt road starting from the center of Santo Antonio do Pinhal. Check the weather forecast here before your day trip since it is dangerous to take this highway on rainy days.

Once at the top of the peak you’ll have a 360º panoramic view of the Mantiqueira mountain range. You’ll also be able to admire the beauty of the valley of Paraiba and spot several towns and cities in the distance.

Reasons to Try Paraglading in Brazil

With practically 90% of green areas covering the territory of Santo Antonio do Pinhal, you’ll definitely be surrounded by nature. From the sky you’ll have a great view of the majestic flora of the region. Moreover,the paraglider wing is light, flexible, and it does not require any gas to fly so it doesn’t pollute. All you need is a slope and wind in order to fly like a bird in the sky. You’ll even get to spot other travelers enjoying sports and ecotouristic activities such as mountain biking, horse-riding and trekking.

Enjoy the sense of freedom that flying gives you with the confidence that you’ll have an expert with you at all times. If you’ve ever wanted to do parachuting, but prefer to try a cheaper activity with less requirements of experience and minimum weight, then paragliding is the ideal option for you.


Tips for Paragliding

If you want to fly above Santo Antonio do Pinhal, don’t forget to follow our advice. This way you’ll enjoy this great experience even more.

  • You don’t need special clothes to practice this sport. However, consider that you’ll be flying 200 meters high, so you’ll definitely feel cold. We recommend you wear a weatherproof jacket.
  • Your legs will be your landing gear, so wear sturdy shoes. We suggest you wear hiking boots or non-skid tennis shoes.
  • If you wear glasses, don’t leave them behind. The instructors will show you how to wear them under the goggles. After all, the whole idea of this experience is that you enjoy the view of the landscape.
  • Keep calm and follow the expert’s instructions at all times.
  •  Fly with authorized and certified experts only.

What to See in Santo Antonio Do Pinhal

After paragliding, enjoy other attractions in Santo Antonio do Pinhal.

The former train station is a must. There you can find a craft shop and a coffee shop where you can relax and enjoy a refreshing drink. You can also visit the Nuestra Señora Auxiliadora overlook. It was named after an image of the virgin Mary carrying baby Jesus. It offers great views of the green valley reaching out to the horizon.

Visit the Lageado Falls. They are considered the most beautiful in the city and they are surrounded by walking trails.

Then, visit the Eco Park Gardens. They are located in the heart of the city. They have a shopping mall and many restaurants where you can enjoy a tasty lunch.


Now  you know more about paragliding in Pico Agudo, in Santo Antonio do Pinhal. Plan a trip to this city of Sao Paulo, and conquer the Brazilian sky.