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Places to Visit in Montevideo

Montevideo is a city that can be compared with the great megalopolis in America, yet it’s known for its fascinating tranquility.


The world is crowded with huge cities whose size is a synonym of noise and traffic, while there are also small ones that are quiet and tranquil; however, today we will travel to a city that can be compared with any big megalopolis in America while standing out thanks to its peaceful environment. We refer to Montevideo. The capital city of Uruguay is located on the riverbank of Rio de la Plata as it flows into the Atlantic. This means that its landscapes and weather are full of life and humid.


When you travel to Montevideo you’ll have plenty of places to visit but you can start with its historic center, better known as the Old City. Actually, your tour should begin at the Old City’s perimeter, at Independence Square, which serves as an entrance hall to the Old City. Originally there used to be a fortress there known as the Ciudadela (Citadel), but nowadays you’ll find Estévez Palace, the former seat of government, as well as Montevideo’s most important theater, the Solis Theater. At first you’ll be surprised by the building’s beauty because its sober neoclassical style still remains in perfect condition. DINKtravelers recommends taking a guided tour in order to visit the theater’s interior, but if you want to enrich your experience even more, then you must know that this venue is avant-garde so it offers visitors an app that gives you a virtual tour of the premises using augmented reality technology. Apart from this, if you find tickets, don’t miss the opportunity of staying for a concert by Montevideo’s Philharmonic Orchestra; you’ll enjoy a wonderful experience.


After this stop, head to the Old City on foot by walking along Sarandí street. You’ll notice that as you reach this street you’ll spot the remains of the Door of the Citadel, which were part of the ancient wall that engulfed the Old City. Once in the area you’ll find that, as in most cities in America, the Cathedral is located in front of the Plaza Constitución (Main Square) and next to the Town Council, both declared historic monuments since they are fine representations of colonial architecture in Montevideo. Also, the first Constitution of the Republic of Uruguay was sworn in the Town Council.


Without doubt, you’ve got to make a stop at the Port Market. You can get there on foot while you enjoy the calm and views the city of Montevideo offers. Then, once at the market, choose among several typical meat specialties from Uruguay, including crosscut ribs, prime rib and tri-tip beef. To pair these dishes, you can enjoy excellent beverages such as the medio y medio(half and half), a typical drink from Uruguay that combines sparkling wine with white dry wine in equal amounts. It’s a gastronomical delight you can’t miss.