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6 Tips to survive holiday travel

6 tips by expert travelers to help you survive holiday airport chaos and enjoy your vacation.


DINKtravelers knows that sometimes you travel during peak seasons and that it’s a synonym of overbooking and airport crowds. Don’t worry; our experts will help you survive the chaos so that you enjoy your trip.


Once you’ve chosen your destination, search for cheap flights browsers on the Internet. Program a price reduction alert and buy your tickets as soon as you receive a good offer –remember that on the 25th and 31st of December as well as on January 1st, flights are cheaper.

Then, download your airline’s app to your cell phone. You’ll receive updated information regarding your reservation.


Buy nonstop flights even if they cost a bit more. The combination between airport crowds, connecting flight delays and weather inconveniences such as snowstorms can ruin your vacations.

Read about your airline’s refund policies in case of cancellations and delays. And if something like that happens, don’t approach the airline’s airport counter. Instead, call their office to receive immediate and customized attention.


During the holidays airlines admit having the highest lost-luggage rates. For this reason, your best option is to take a carry-on. This way you can make an online check-in 24 hours ahead, and you won’t lose sight of your belongings. Also, you’ll avoid crowds at the baggage claim area.


A few days before you travel, familiarize yourself with the airport through its website. Look for available services like travelers’ lounges, restaurants and transportation between terminals.

If you’ll check-in at the airport, consider arriving half an hour before the usual recommended time. This way you’ll be able to choose your favorite seats and you won’t be a victim of overbooking –it’s very common between December 15th and January 15th.

If you don’t want to be stopped at security, avoid wearing metallic accessories and wear shoes that don’t have shoelaces. Like this, you’ll be able to take them off and put them back on more quickly.


Follow the crew’s instructions but board as soon as possible. Remember that there’s not much space in the overhead compartments. If you’re unable to store your luggage anywhere near your seat, it’s possible that someone else might take it by mistake when leaving the plane. What’s worse, the airline might charge an extra fee if you need a last-minute luggage check-in.


Don’t forget your cell phone charger and a credit card in case you need to pay for a certain service or food at the airport or for unexpected hotel stays in case of flight cancellations.

Likewise, in your carry-on baggage take granola bars –they’re allowed through security– and your meds. In a zip-lock plastic bag, take some basic products in 10 ml containers, each –tooth paste and tooth brush, antibacterial gel, contact lenses solution– and clean underwear in case there’s a delay and you wish to tidy up.

Remember, be patient and enjoy the adventure.