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Advice for International Flights

With DINKtravelers’ travel tips make the check-in process at the airport a lot easier and save yourself from overbooking.


Flying always implies going on a great adventure and sometimes it may seem a bit complicated; but don’t worry,DINKtravelers offers you these useful tips that will ease the process of buying an airplane ticket and help you until the instant you reach the airport.


Most airlines offer the advantage of letting you buy tickets online, so it’s easy for you to use fare comparison websites. Also, we suggest getting frequent flyer numbers for all airline alliances because they offer benefits like getting reservation preferences, adding miles to get free tickets, getting category upgrades or buying souvenirs, among others.


Whenever you need to take a connecting flight, we recommend buying your tickets with one single airline. This way, if there are any delays or cancellations that make you lose your second flight, the airline will assume all responsibility. If you can’t do this because the airline doesn’t fly to your final destination, we recommend choosing another airline from the same group or alliance. At the same time, we suggest leaving at least three hours between connecting flights, because that’s the approximate time you’ll need to go through luggage check-in, security points and to look for your boarding gate or even go to another terminal.


Consider that for national flights you need to be at the airport at least 2h prior to your flight or 3h if it’s an international flight; however, for very high-transit routes –e.g. the world’s main capitals–, we recommend arriving at the airport up to 4 to 5 hours before your flight. This way you’ll avoid long lines during check-in as well as suffering overbooking. Remember that airlines reserve the right to resell a certain number of tickets, so if a flight is completely booked, they won’t give you the chance to board despite having a ticket.


This is usually one of the most disagreeable parts of visiting an airport because you have to make long lines. Avoid wasting too much time here by putting all your metal accessories on a tray (coins, key chains, your belt, watch and pendants). Also, don’t wear jackets with metal accessories and remember that you must take it off before crossing the security arch. If you’re carrying any liquids (yes, antibacterial gel, toothpaste and hand cream included) remember that they must be stored in bottles of up to 100ml. And if you bought any food or drinks, consume them before going through security or you’ll be asked to throw them away. Oh, and place your laptop or tablet in a separate tray.

Surely, these tips will help you enjoy more the first stage of your trip and, who knows, if you wear a smile to the airport, the staff at the check-in counter might even offer you an upgrade to business class for free!