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The Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna

Vienna is waiting for you to go on an aristocratic adventure at the Schönbrunn Palace.


Vienna, Austria’s capital, welcomes its visitors with its geographic beauty and monumental architecture. Either for its alpine paradise, or historic and cultural wealth, Vienna, the city of outdoor museums, offers you its majesty and its culinary delicacies. DINKtravelers will guide you through one of its most important attractions to encourage you to pack your suitcase and visit it in your next adventure around the world.


Built around 300 years ago under the rule of the House of Austria, the Palace of Schönbrunn is one of the most important monuments of Austria´s cultural heritage. Its golden finish, its yellow façade, and its red and elegant carpets will amaze you before you even reach the Palm House, the zoo, or its labyrinths.

From the moment you step into the palace, the large rococo style rooms will immerse you in its luxurious aristocratic art. Its tables, which seem to be ready for a great dinner; its paintings showing the family´s white skinned women, and, of course, its furnished hallways will make you experience the rise of the monarchy´s daily life like a true descendant.


Do not worry about the language barrier! In case you do not speak German,remember your entrance ticket includes an audio guide in Spanish and English, among other languages, so you will have the opportunity to enjoy a comfortable tour through all the aesthetic transformations of the monarchical generations that lived there. You will also learn about some of the most important events that took place in the palace. Also, almost everyone speaks English in Austria, so you will not have any problems to communicate successfully outside the palace either.


This palace is probably the most visited and crowded of all Vienna, so you will have to plan ahead of time to enjoy the place without any worries, but, most of all, to access without difficulties or having to make endless lines. As the palace has a high tourist demand, we recommend you to buy your entrance tickets in advance online in the palace´s official website. Regarding the visiting hours, it is important to know they change depending on the month of the year and on Austria´s weather conditions. In most cases, visiting hours are from 8:30 to 17:00.

There are also many types of tickets that may or may not include specific rooms and spaces open to the public. We recommend you to choose a ticket that includes all the halls as well as the private garden. If you want your adventure to include animals too, the Vienna Card gives you discounts to the Schönbrunn Palace zoo, where the light´s reflection on the colorful fins of the fish, and the calm life of the animals will captivate you and encourage you to take care of these creature´s habitat.


Some of the palace´s most attractive rooms that you certainly cannot miss are those which were used by the imperial family for leisure purposes such as the Great Gallery, used to celebrate the majestic imperial banquets; the Breakfast Room, ready to dazzle you with its cutlery; the Round Chinese Room, used by Mary Theresa to maintain political conversations with her chancellor, or the Blue Chinese Salon, which witnessed Charles I’s abdication in 1918.


In case you feel hungry during your tour, we give you several delicious options to enjoy an exquisite meal. Taste the delicious flavor of an onion roast known as zwiebelrostbraten or Emperor Francis Joseph’s favorite dish: tafelspitz, elaborated with a special meat cut that’s boiled in vegetable broth and served with potatoes, spinach and different sauces. For dessert, order a magnificentapfelstrudel, known worldwide as apple strudel, paired with a Viennese coffee, or try the traditional sachertorte, a cake that combines chocolate with apricot jam filling.

Keep exploring the streets of this beautiful city with us, discovering its museums and contrasts between the aristocratic and the contemporary, and enjoying the satisfaction of saying: “I was there”, since we, DINKtravelers, know it will soon be true.