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The Belgian Gothic

At the Stadhuis in Bruges you’ll learn about the city’s commercial and artistic history, and you’ll discover an icon of Belgian Gothic architecture.


In Bruges, Belgium, architecture and history come together to give place to the most wonderful constructions that testify the wealth and power this small city possessed in the past. One of these splendid constructions is the Stadhuis (City Hall), one of the oldest city halls in Europe, located in Burg Square. Despite the fact that you’ll find little information about this amazing place, DINKtravelers is pleased to tell you that it has been the seat of government in Bruges for over six hundred years and that sometimes it’s used as a venue to celebrate weddings.

Its magnificent gothic façade stands out thanks to its tall and stylish windows, its pointed arches and its sky-high towers. Its architecture will not only astonish you but also transport you to the 15th century, when Phillip “The Good” established his court in Bruges. Back then the city dominated the market in Europe, it controlled exchange with Venice and it was inhabited by the richest merchants, ship-owners and bankers in the continent.


If you like history and art, you must visit the Gothic Hall and the Historic Hall. In the first you’ll find a breath-taking polychrome wooden vault and wall paintings that date back to the 11thcentury and that tell the story of the city’s most important historic events. On the other hand, the Historic Hall houses a collection of original historic documents and works of art. You’ll enjoy an unequal experience for only 4 euros, or 3 euros if you’re over 65.

In addition, if you like technology, you can request the free audio guide that explains everything related with the halls, as well as the elements that adorn them. At ground level, you’ll also get the chance to watch a multimedia presentation that talks about the history ofBruges.


Lastly, don’t forget to visit some of the neighboring buildings including the Palace of Justice and the Basilica of the Holy Blood; and after your tour, freshen up with a traditional Belgian beer or a delicious dish of grilled meat or prawn.