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Best Things to Do in Zurich

Zurich has a privileged landscape surrounded by mountains, a luxurious lifestyle and it produces some of the most famous chocolates in the world.


When summer comes, you start choosing where to travel, what to visit and you start making plans to have fun. That’s why, here, we’re offering you a great option. Zurich, in Switzerland, is one of the most emblematic European cities thanks to both its past and present.

It’s located north of Lake Zurich or Zürichsee, which separates the city from the Alps creating a very peculiar symbiosis. Also, Limmat River runs through the city and it flows directly into the lake.


DINKtravelers considers that Zurich is ideal for summer and winter fun. During the warmer season it has a nice weather, clear skies and a breathtaking landscape conformed by the mountains that are reflected on the great lake, as well as by the peculiar architecture of its buildings and pitched roof houses. On the other hand, in winter, snow creates an imposing environment that shows wide extensions of white spreading throughout the natural frozen landscape.


Nowadays this city is linked with international bank institutions, and that’s why modern Zurich is known as a city of banks and bankers. Nevertheless, it also deserving of its fame in the scientific field because its universities have produced top-quality research products. In terms of culture, the city possesses close to 30 museums as well as numerous art galleries, so creativity is found in every corner.


Some of the most emblematic buildings are located in the riverbanks of the Limmat. Actually, the most visited churches, Fraumünster and Grossmünster, stand one across another and they’re only separated by the river that flows through Zurich’s historic downtown. Around that area you’ll find the oldest neighborhoods in the city that are surrounded by several modern developments.

Zurich’s downtown area is small, so we recommend a walking tour. This way you’ll be able to watch the typical constructions while promenading along the river or crossing its beautiful bridges as the breeze refreshes you.

If you’re planning to stay overnight, remember that Zurich is a luxury destination and this quality is manifested, among other things, by its numerous and elegant bars, restaurants and cafés, most of them located downtown.


Of course, a foodie’s favorite attraction will be the Lindt & Sprüngli chocolate factory, which harbors an amusing museum where you’ll learn about the production process of chocolate (many city tours include a visit to this factory).

As you can see, even though Zurich is usually considered a small city, one day won’t be enough to cover all its touristic attractions. Besides, you’ll fall so deeply in love with this destination that you’ll want to return to it again.