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Planetarium Galilée

At Planetarium Galilée in Montpellier, a starry night under the moon can turn your vacation into a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Throughout history, stars have fascinated mankind. They have been the subject of theories, myths and legends, and each civilization has named them according to their beliefs. Nowadays, enjoying a starry night under the moon can be a unique experience; however, it’s not always possible in big cities because of luminous or even atmospheric pollution. As an alternative, you can travel to the countryside where artificial light is almost inexistent. Another option, visit Planitarium Galilée in Montpellier, France.


The city of Montpellier, capital of the Languedoc-Rosellón region, is one of the most visited destinations in the south of France. Both locals and tourists enjoy its typical squares, historical sites and it’s temperatures, which range from 25º-35ºC during summer, and from 10º-15ºC in winter. This charming weather is due to the city’s location, only 10 km away from the Mediterranean coasts.


They say that the best about Montpellier is that it harbors the oldest medicine school in the world. However, DINKtravelers would like to introduce you to another attraction: Planetarium Galilée, located in the Odysseum shopping center. Said planetarium gives you the opportunity to learn about space and astronomy through its different exhibits. But what’s most amazing about it is its huge exhibit room where they have the best night shows. There you’ll find an astronomical simulator that offers you a one-of-a-kind experience. You’ll feel embraced by nature while you observe a clear night sky, free from the luminous pollution of the great metropolis. This unusual experience will give you visual access to 110,000 stars, 600 comets, all the known artificial satellites, space debris and asteroids found around a one million years span.

The planetarium also offers numerous learning activities for people of all ages and it has a souvenirs store where you’ll find a wide variety of awesome space-inspired products.

If you’re staying in downtown Montpellier and you want to have a galactic experience, take the tram, Line 1. This modern transportation system has stops near all the major landmarks of the city. Simply get off at Odysseum station and prepare to launch. Another option is staying at one of the hotels found inside the Odysseum complex. They’re closer to all the best attractions of this magnificent touristic site.