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Port Grimaud Travel Guide

A luxurious destination that has become a beloved spot for millionaires… visit Port Grimaud and fall in love with the French Venice.


The French coast is a beloved spot among millionaires because all the way from Monaco to Marseille there are several destinations that seem to be little pieces of heaven on Earth. One of DINKtravelers’ favorite corners there is Port Grimaud, built by the architect François Spoerry in 1966. It is an exceptional place made up of three neighborhoods that recover the urban style of Venice but whose design reflects the typical architecture of the French Provence. For this reason, Port Grimaud is known as the French Venice.


Travelers who arrive in Port Grimaud love to walk its narrow stone pavement streets. Yet, another great way to enjoy this destination’s beauty without getting tired is by taking a yacht charter in Saint Tropez. From deck you’ll spot a long line of pastel painted houses whose charm enthralls visitors infusing them with calm.

Port Grimaud’s success as a touristic destination is its tranquil environment. You can even sail the 7 kilometers of scenic canals that run throughout the city, tourist guide included! Just take into account that tours depart every half an hour; and prepare, because you’ll cross under the 14 bridges that connect the 12 islands that make up this destination.


If you want to swim in the sea, there’s a beach where you can rent camping spots. We recommend this type of lodging, particularly in summer, because the weather is quite agreeable and you won’t find any restrictions regarding night activities. Visitors who camp usually leave their cars in a parking lot located in the outskirts of this lacustrine village.

If you love photography, Port Grimaud will become one of your favorite destinations because it offers perfect landscapes for panoramic shots, and it’s home to fascinating architectural works that invite travelers to focus on their constructive details.

Plunge into this touristic paradise. We’re sure you won’t regret it!