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King’s Lake

Whichever your traveling style is, Lake Königssee has plenty activities for all tastes.


Sometimes it’s not easy to find destinations where we can find activities for all kinds of tastes, but DINKtravelers has an ideal option for you and it’s hidden in the Bavarian Alps in Germany. This fantastic spot is Lake Königssee, whose name means King’s Lake.


Lake Königssee is part of the Berchtesgaden National Park, and it has been a recreational area throughout history. For example, we know that the Bavarian kings used the area as hunting grounds, and we mustn’t forget that Eva Braun –Hitler’s partner for 15 years– loved to bathe in the lake. Actually, even if this doesn’t sound inspiring, even Hitler enjoyed sailing its crystal clear waters.

Nowadays Lake Königssee is still a great touristic attraction and it promises fun for everyone. We recommend some of the main activities you can practice there depending on what your traveling style.



The most popular activity is sailing the lake on electric boats. You’ll be amazed to know that some of them were built in the 1920s and they’re still in use. Something that’s fun is that the boat’s captain usually plays a trumpet while crossing through the mountains so that passengers can hear the melody’s echo all around them. Evidently, you can make this even more fun if you shout out to the wind your deepest thoughts and wishes.


There’s an island amidst the lake that’s known as Christlieger. It’s an extraordinary spot for landscape photography since you can clearly see the mountains reflected on the water. If you want to find the best images, go to Archenkanzel, Feuerpalven or Malerwinkel. This last one means “painter’s corner”, so you can picture the magnificent landscapes you’ll find before your eyes.


For those of you who enjoy hiking, there’s the option of walking along the woods located at the two stops you’ll make during the boat tour. One of them is at St. Bartholomä, and the other one’s at Salet. If you prefer another option, during summer you can also visit mount Jenner.


When you stop in St. Bartholomä, we suggest visiting its namesake 17th century chapel. It’s quite peculiar given that despite being a very small structure, it has three apses and two twin towers. Every 24th of August there’s a pilgrimage to the chapel as part of the celebrations dedicated to Saint Bartholomew.


If you enjoy the thrill caused by adrenaline, in mount Jenner you’ll find one of the best local ski stations. You can get there by catching a ride on the cable car. Full-speed descents will give you the perfect chance to enjoy the landscape differently, through the eyes of an adventurer.

Now you know, no matter what kind of activities you prefer to practice during your holidays, Lake Königssee is an excellent destination for your next vacations.