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Best of New Caledonia Tourism

Close your eyes and imagine a perfect beach. As beautiful as it might be, it surely falls short of New Caledonia. Travel here and make perfection a reality.


Today, we are going to New Caledonia. We guarantee that this lovely destination will show you what is nature’s paradise on Earth. Enjoy every single moment with your all senses.


This city is the capital of New Caledonia and it’s the center of sightseeing, shopping and gourmet food. Start your journey here!


You won’t only be visiting nice places; these are superb photogenic spots, so don’t forget your camera!

  • La Fol Hill: From here, you can see the city of Nouméa and even Baie de la Moselle. Be sure to capture the different shades of blue created between the sky and the sea with your camera.
  • Cathédrale Saint Joseph: This cathedral is located on an artificial elevation that oversees the center of Nouméa. You will be surprised by its architectural design which resembles several churches of Latin America. Its construction began in 1887 and finished in 1897, and its main features are the two 25-m tall bell towers that can be seen from the town’s harbor and from Place des Cocotiers. Don’t forget to walk inside and observe the multi-colored stained-glass windows.
  • Baie de I’Orphelinat: Countless yachts are anchored at this bay. Actually, when you visit it, you might feel as if you were in Cannes, South France.
  • Plage de la Baie des Citrons: White sand, emerald green sea… and the color turns to a bit darker green or mysterious blue in the offshore. Local people love this beach so it’s the perfect spot to make new friends. Waves are not so high so it’s great for snorkeling or paddle boarding. Also, there’s a big shopping center and tasty restaurants nearby, so it’s your go-to place at lunchtime.
  • Plage de I’Anse Vata: Many hotels line this beach, so make your reservations here. Unlike Plage de la Baie des Citrons, trade wind blows on this beach, making it a mecca for wind surfers. What’s more, with the combination of palm trees and beach resorts, you will be able to take great beach photos.
  • Ouen Toro Hill: At the end of the day, climb up this hill. You will have the whole view of Plage de I’Anse Vata and of some nearby islands. Bring your favorite drinks and toast to a beautiful sunset.


There are several islands in New Caledonia, and each one harbors different beauties. It’s really difficult to choose a favorite, but DINKtravelers recommends visiting Île des Pins. This island is known as Kunie Island, which means Jewel of the Ocean. It certainly is a jewel of breathtaking beauty.


Piscine Naturelle means natural pool. As its name says, at this place there are no waves and water stands still and crystalline. Swimming in this incredible transparent spot, you’ll feel as if you were swimming in a photo. Rose coral reef separates this natural pool from the wavy open sea, so it’s a perfect habitat for small fish and coral reefs. Pack your snorkeling mask and meet these colorful creatures as they swim around you.


This is the most beautiful beach in Île des Pins. Its sand is the finest in New Caledonia (and in most of the world). Once your feet touch it, you’ll feel a fluffy, soft and comfortable texture that will fascinate you. Take your shoes off and take a long walk on the beach. Enjoy as the ocean’s color changes throughout the day, but don’t forget to take one of these promenades in the morning, when the sun rises, and after sunset, under the moonlight.


Having gourmet food at a destination you visit is always a pleasure. Since New Caledonia is French territory, food quality is exquisite. Our prime suggestion is trying the escargot of Île des Pins. This escargot cannot be exported because it’s a limited resource, so you’ll only be able to have it there. Once it’s served, you won’t believe your eyes because the escargot they serve at Île des Pins is quite big compared to regular escargot. Enjoy its chewy and tasty taste and pair it with your favorite wine.


The best way to get there is by airplane. There are 3-5 flights in a day departing from Magenta airport. During peak season, tickets sell very fast, so make a reservation in advance. You can also take the ferry but it operates only 2-3 times in a week and its schedule often changes, so an airplane is best.


  • In order to get to the Piscine Naturelle, you will have to take a long walk across a forest and the riverside, so it might be better not to wear flip flops. Also wear the clothes for water-based activities.
  • There’s a virgin ecosystem in New Caledonia so in some shallow areas there are lots of fiddler crabs. Keep a safe distance from them!
  • When you visit a restaurant, DINKtravelers strongly recommends making a reservation in advance.
  • Although airplanes are the most common means of transportation, in Nouméa, there is a public bus. Lines 10 & 11 will be the most useful for sightseeing. If you need a cab, call one at Place des Cocotiers.
  • If you plan to visit the islands, exchange money beforehand. In Nouméa, you will be able to exchange at the hotels, banks or you can withdraw with ATM machine, but in some islands, you can’t exchange money.
  • You don’t need to tip in New Caledonia. Express your appreciation for the services you receive by offering a big smile and saying: “merci”.