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Palau Travel Guide

In the Republic of Palau there’s a superb spot where you can soak in nature. Pamper yourself in a milky-white beach and swim in a jellyfish lake.


DINKtravelers love nature because it helps them relax and recharge their body and soul, and we know a superb place where you can soak yourself in splendid nature. Today, we invite you to visit the Republic of Palau.


It’s located in the Pacific Ocean and it has a population of about 20,000 inhabitants. This country is made up by over 200 islands but only 10 of them are inhabited, so you can easily imagine that Palau’s nature is untouched and beautiful. Are you ready?


The first sightseeing spot is part of Rock Islands’ Southern Lagoon, which was registered in the UNESCO in 2012. These uninhabited islands have very unique mushroom-like shapes! They’re a great spot for a photo shoot, so take many photos while you sail to your main destination. Yournext stop is the Milky Way, named like this is after the milky-whitish color of the sea in that area. The reason: These upheaved coral islands have suffered erosion. As a result, calciferous mud precipitates to the bottom of the sea and it makes the water adopt this peculiar color. What you must do once you’re there is to prepare a mudpack masque! This treatment promises to make your skin whiter, supple and moisturized. Spread the mud on your skin and wait until it dries out and turns white. Then, simply wash it off and enjoy the new you. Tips: Bring a waterproof and biodegradable sunblock. After the mudpack, you need to reapply sunblock to protect your skin from the strong sunlight.

Next, head to Omekang Island, which is also part of Rock Islands. There you will find a beautiful 800-meter long beach that will appear magically before your eyes… white sand and crystal clear water. It’s an Earthly heaven. Take pictures, be charmed by the landscape, lay down on the white sand… pamper yourself at this splendid place. This beach is special because it appears only when there’s a low tide. Our advice: contact a local agent to learn whether you’ll have the chance to see it when you plan your vacation. Depending on the timing and dates, this magical beach won’t be visible all day long.

Lastly, go swimming in a lake. It sounds like nothing out of the ordinary but we promise you a unique experience. Your swimming companions will be small and lovely creatures known as… jellyfish! Doesn’t sound like such a good idea? Don’t worry! In this lake, you won’t get badly stung because the jellyfish you’ll find don’t have a strong toxicity. So relax and enjoy a refreshing swimming session with them. Eco-warning! In order to preserve the water’s purified state, bear in mind that you can’t wear gloves or sunblock. You can touch the jellyfish but you shouldn’t grab them or take them above the water surface. Also, swim gently because jellyfish are very fragile creatures.

Pack your swimsuit and sunglasses and swim away!