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The Cook Islands’ Holidays

Have you imagined your beach vacations in the islands of the South Pacific Ocean? We invite you to discover the Cook Islands, the perfect destination to make that dream come true.

If you ever thought that traveling to Oceania was the same as traveling to Australia or New Zealand, this article is for you. This peculiar continent has wonderful places that will make you want to explore every corner. In this article we present to you the Cook Islands, a Pacific Ocean archipelago, ideal for your beach vacation.

Ideal Beach in the Islands of the South Pacific Ocean

DINKtravelers love adventure and exploring the world. That is why in our previous articles we wrote about Palau and New Caledonia. However, this time we decided to travel to the islands of the South Pacific Ocean and visit the Cook Islands. They were found by one of the most famous explorers, James Cook. As you can imagine, this Polynesian islands were named after him.

These islands of the South Pacific Ocean are a perfect place for those who enjoy beach destinations and like to relax, break the routine and improve their health. It is also for those who like ecotourism adventures and for those looking for an environmental conservation experience.

Where Are The Cook Islands Located on the World Map?

The Cook Islands, comprising 15 islands, are in the center of the South Pacific Ocean. They’re located in the middle of the Polynesian triangle (New ZealandHawaii and Easter Island). East of the Cook Islands you’ll find Tahiti which, together with the Polynesian triangle, makes up the cultural zone known as Polynesia.

The Cook Islands’ Weather

The weather in the Cook Islands is pleasant, warm and sunny throughout the year. Even in winter, it stays at 25 °C, which is a great temperature for swimming. The warmest and most humid season goes from March to November, which are rainy months. However, it rains in the evening or at night, so days are quite enjoyable in these islands of the South Pacific Ocean.

The Cook Islands’ Currency

The Cook Islands is a self-governing island country in free association with New Zealand. That’s why Cook Islanders are considered citizens of New Zealand. Also for that reason, during your trip you’ll be able to pay with New Zealand dollars (the main currency) as well as  Cook Island dollars. If you like to collect coins or bills from the destinations you visit, you should know that Cook Island dollars have a unique tropical design, so they’re great as a souvenir. We especially like the three-dollar bills, which can only be found in the Cook Islands. The two-dollar coins, with their triangular shape, are also unique to these Polynesian islands.

Cook Islands' currency

The Cook Islands’ Activities and Attractions 

Rarotonga Island

This island is the entrance to the Cook Islands. It has a circumference of 32 km. It is known as the Pearl of the South Pacific due to its white sand beaches.

Muri Beach

Close your eyes and imagine the most splendid beach. Keep that image in your mind and visit Muri Beach. You will realize it looks exactly as you imagined: with crystal clear water, deep blue waves, and a beautiful lagoon.

Marine activities

  • Diving: There are various choices depending on your diving skills. You can even go diving in the lagoon. If you want a more challenging setting try ocean diving. You’ll have a visibility of 30-60 m depending on the weather conditions.
  • Snorkeling: There are lots of nice places where you can enjoy snorkeling. DINKtravelers, your world travel guide, recommends you draw a route from Rarotonga Beach resorts to Muri beach.
  • Cruise: If you are not fond of being underwater, there are other ways to observe the marine world of these islands. The bottom of this boat is made of glass, so you will surely enjoy the view without going underwater. Consider that the area is protected, so fishing is not allowed. But as soon as you see the wide variety of fish there is, you’ll understand why.

There are many other activities like kayaking and windsurfing. Try them and challenge the athlete in you!

Land activities

  • Eco cycling: Going to a beach resort doesn’t mean you can only have fun at the beach. The great thing about Rarotonga is that you can take an eco cycling tour. Experienced local tour guides will explain you all sorts of interesting things about the flora and fauna in the area. Depending on your fitness level and mood, you can also decide how long the tour will be. In any case, you’ll get the chance to catch your breath, since the guides make several stops to tell you stories and give you information. You will surely enjoy the fantastic scenery before you treat yourself with a tasty lunch.
  • Te Vara Nui Village: We love beautiful beaches, marine activities and eco cycling… but you know that DINKtravelers also love culture. Find out everything about the Polynesian culture at Te Vara Nui Village. Local Maori people will welcome you before you join a two-hour long cultural village tour. Learn about the history of the Cook Islands, its herbal medicine tradition and much more with the help of a knowledgeable guide. Also, take part in a traditional dance performance and delight in a special dinner. The lively spirit of the locals will impress you. Feel the beat within your heart.

Aitutaki Island

Include Aitutaki Island in your itinerary. It’s just 50 minutes away on a domestic flight from Rarotonga Island. In case you don’t have enough time to stay overnight, take a day trip.

The trip to Aitutaki Island starts from the moment you get on the airplane, so book a window seat. Once the airplane is close to landing, grab your camera and look out the window. A lagoon and its shoal patches surround the 45 km area of Aitutaki Island. White sand reflects the sunlight, illuminating the turquoise blue water. You will never forget the view.

Akaiami Island

Join a one-day cruise and enjoy island hopping. There are lots of pick-up points, but first, head to Akaiami Island. Once on the cruise, you’ll find lots of entertainment including live music and information provided by knowledgeable guides. They’ll even teach you how to crack coconuts!

Once you reach the first destination, you’ll be able to see Akaiami Island from end to end. Nothing stands in the way! It truly offers a sense of freedom. After Akaiami Island, visit One Foot Island. Its crystal-clear waters and calm waves make it a great place for snorkeling.

One Foot Island

Also, near One Foot Island there is a sand bar surrounded by a beautiful lagoon. Just lie down on the sand and enjoy the sun. Pamper yourself and soak in happiness before enjoying a mouth-watering seafood barbecue with tropical fruits and salad. After lunch, drop by the island’s post office (it’s funny there’s a post office on this uninhabited island) and ask them to stamp your passport. The One Foot Island stamp is given as a souvenir, so it’s a great gift for travelers.

In case you’re wondering where the island’s name comes from, there’s a legend that explains it. One day, a village was attacked by a fearsome warrior who annihilated almost all the villagers. A man and his son fled the village and landed on this island. The son ran desperately with his father following right behind him, stepping on his footprints so that it looked like only one person had made them. Then, the warrior caught up with the father and killed him, but since he saw only one set of footprints, he thought no one else had fled. The father’s wisdom saved the man who later became the leader of a new tribe that inhabited the island.

Plan your next beach vacation today and choose the Cook Islands as your destination. You will not regret traveling to these islands in the South Pacific Ocean. As you know, there are many activities we are sure you’ll enjoy. And of course, we hope you share you best photos of these Polynesian islands with us.