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Tailors in Thailand

Renew your wardrobe when you visit Thailand.


Thailand is a tourist destination that’s packed with places you can visit. DINKtravelers recommends a truly exceptional activity that’s quite interesting for your next trip to this country: we refer to having your clothes tailor-made. It may sound a bit strange, but this service is focused on tourists and not on the locals.

Some of Thailand’s most frequently exported goods are its textiles. You’ll find numerous stores that offer a wide variety of fabrics and tailoring services in different touristic destinations such as Bangkok and Phuket. Most clients are men, and that’s why today we will focus on suits and shirts, but women should not miss the opportunity to have their dresses, suits, blouses and shirts tailor-made with fashionable fabrics.

Most tourists go to Thailand with the purpose of visiting its main touristic attractions, and tailors are aware of that, so they won’t take up much of your time. Besides, their working hours are usually from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm. Best of all, they’ll have your suit ready in less than 48 hours!

If you’re a rookie in this, our advice will help you look like an expert in fashion.


This depends on your tastes, but also on what you need to wear for each occasion. Remember that there are fabrics that are best for cold weather, such as cashmere, and others that are ideal for warmer seasons, like linen. DINKtravelers recommends cotton and silk for suits, but don’t forget that even in this case, the cost will depend on the quality of each fabric.


The model depends on how tight you want the shirt to fit. You may choose among regular, tailored, custom, slim and superslim fits. Additionally, you’ll have to define the type of collar you prefer since it may have a closed or open front spread, as well as long or short points; but if you wish to give it a more elegant touch, we suggest adding a white collar to a colored shirt. Also, you’ll need to choose between several types of cuffs, whether you prefer to use buttons or cufflinks, and whether you want it double or simple and with either a French, cocktail or barrel shape.

As far as suits go, decision-making won’t get any easier. You’ll have the option of ordering an Italian, American or British jacket cut. In relation with the pants, you’ll need to define whether you want them straight or pleated, with or without hem, with or without a coins pocket, and where. The most commonly ordered suit is the executive classical style, but you may also buy a tuxedo, a Mao suit and even a morning coat.

Now you know you can renew your wardrobe when you visit Thailand.