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One day in Prague

By Priscila Hernández |

Discover the top 4 tourist attractions you can visit in one day in the Historic Center of Prague, one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

When touring several cities or countries it’s common to have just one day or two to visit each. We know that and that’s why we’ve taken you to one-day tours of Warsaw, Frankfurt and even Vienna. Today, DINKtravelers, your world travel guide, has prepared for you a selection of emblematic sites in Prague, so that you enjoy the best experience.

 Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It’s also one of the richest in history, something that you must consider for your visit to buildings that represent different stages in history. You’ll find medieval constructions such as beautiful churches and also contemporary architecture.

20th-century History of Prague

Prague was occupied by the Nazis during the World War II and then it was also suppressed by the communist regime. In 1968, when students held several social movements  around the world, including Mexico and Paris, the capital of the Czech Republic was also a protagonist in the fight for free expression.

Top 4 of the Old City of Prague

The Historic Center or Old City of Prague is truly beautiful. It houses most of the medieval references in Prague. That’s why we offer you a selection of must-see places.

The Old City of Prague

The Astronomical Clock

Among other things, this medieval clock is decorated with representations of the Zodiac signs and the months of the year. It’s also decorated with the Coat of Arms of the Old City and shows the trajectory of the Sun and the Moon. Apart from its majestic appearance, it offers a unique show: every hour, a skeleton announces a parade of the apostles around the clock.

Castle of Prague

This place is a must-see in Prague. You’ll need plenty time to visit it since it’s the biggest castle in the world! Besides, it harbors several places of interest such as the Alley of Gold, named like that because it used to be inhabited by alchemists and goldsmiths. We also recommend visiting the yards, the cathedral of Saint Vito and its beautiful gardens. Prepare to see the home of the rules from yore!

Castle of Prague

Church of Our Lady of Tyn

It’s tie most outstanding representation of gothic art in the Old City of Prague. It’s listed as World Heritage by UNESCO and inside you’ll find contrasting baroque art. Because it has two 80-meter tall towers, it’s an architectural work you can’t afford to miss.

Church of Our Lady of Tyn


It’s a huge architectural complex that houses the National Library of Prague. It used to be inhabited by Jesuits and then it became the University of Charles. Later, in the 18thcentury it became the Imperial Library. Now, it brings together 5 important sites. The most interesting ones you can visit are:

  • Baroque Library – It houses 66377 books, it’s adorned with marvelous frescos and its atmosphere will transport you in time.
  • Chapel of the Mirrors – It’s known like that because of the great number of mirrors you’ll find inside. One of its most relevant treasures is the organ that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart played when he visited Prague. Plan to stay for one of the concerts they host.
  • Astronomical Tower – It was used by scientists as an observatory. Nowadays it’s an overlook from which you can see the whole historic center.

Guided tours are a wise choice. They start at 10:00h and then every half and hour. If you want to take one, simply register at the entrance.

Freud and Kafka by David Cerny

Everything you’ll find in the city is marvelous. DINKtravelers, your world travel guide, recommends enjoying the subversive art of David Cerny. His sculptures are scattered around the Czech capital and they’re quite provocative. Among the most famous ones you’ll find:

The Fountain at the Franz Kafka Museum
  • The Fountain at the Franz Kafka Museum, which portrays two men urinating on a map of the Czech Republic.
  • The two-meter tall Freud that’s hanging from one hand and holding himself from a post. It’s located in Husova St.
  • The Horse, a representation of St. Wenceslaus dead, riding a horse upside down.

It’s worth seeing, appreciation and reflecting on his work and his political messages.

What to Eat in Prague

One of the things we think about when planning a trip is what we’ll eat, so let’s talk about Czech gastronomy. Its main ingredient is meat. The most popular dish is pork knuckle served with potatoes, carrots and veggies. Spices and condiments are also very common in most dishes. Among them, garlic is the most frequently used.

Pork Knuckle

Vegetarian travelers will find delicious soups they can try. Some, such as the ceská bramborová, the most popular soup in Prague, are prepared only with vegetables. Others, such as the cesnecka, prepared with garlic and molten cheese, are also great. Also, try the salads, cheese and spices sandwiches and more. Oh, and don’t forge to pair your meal with a refreshing Czech beer. Prost!


Desserts from Prague

The tredelnik is a typical and delicious candy from Prague. It’s a bread cylinder filled with chocolate, cream or ice-cream. And speaking of ice-cream… try beer ice cream! Beer lovers can’t miss it.

The tredelnik

Another sweet delicacy is the medovník, a cream and honey tart with a touch of cinnamon that’s very popular among locals.

Tips to Travel to Prague

  • Despite being a member of the European Union, remember that in the Czech Republic they don’t use euros but Czech crowns.
  • In order to move around with ease, stay at a hotel located in the area known as Prague 1. That way you won’t need to find transportation to the main tourist attractions.
  • Even though this article speaks of the most relevant attractions you can visit in one day, we recommend a two or three day visit to Prague.
  • Get tickets for noire theater. You’ll have lots of fun!
  • Travel to Prague in early autumn when the weather is warm but not too hot.