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5 Best Dishes of Typical German Food

By Daniela Andrade |

Sausages and beers are typical german food but now we present you 5 best dishfoods that you should try in your next trip to Germany.

Traveling to Europe is making a dream come true. The Old World receives over 400 million international visitors each year despite being the second smallest continent. Its heritage and the different cultures that coexist in Europe make it a very attractive destination for tourists. However, Germany is one of people’s favorite countries to visit. There are multiple reasons for this. You can think about its culture, language, weather, history, music, art, literature and traditions, or better yet, its gastronomy.

DINKtravelers, your world travel guide, decided to taste all the German gastronomy we could find in order to recommend five dishes you can’t miss in your next trip to Germany. We guarantee that they go beyond the tasty and well-known sausages and its unparalleled beer. Our goal is to help you choose a full menu to please your senses. You’ll enjoy a main dish, a side dish, a pastry, a beverage and dessert.

Origins of german gastronomy

The first thing you need to learn is that Germany is made up of many regions. For this reason, german gastronomy is influenced by its cultural and social environment. For example, regions in the north share some recipes with the Netherlands, so their dishes usually include potatoes. On the other hand, the western region shares its style with French cuisine, so you’ll find many varieties of cheese. Finally, in the south, Germany shares certain characteristics with Switzerland and Austria.

Once you get there you’ll find that there are many taverns along the city where you can find some of the most emblematic elements of the country’s cuisine including: cold cuts, meat, dairy products, pasta and, sometimes, fish.

What type of meat do they eat in Germany?

One of the main ingredients in German dishes is pork meat. That’s why all types of sausages are so popular! This kind of processed meat is known as wurst.

The traditional german bread

Germans are well known for their baked products. They have several varieties of bread made of different seeds. Prepare to have some of the best freshly baked bread during your trip, but don’t expect them to serve it with your lunch it’s not very common that they do that unless you order it.

Traditionally, German bread is made of rye and wheat, and it’s sprinkled with seeds that give it a crunchier consistency. One of our favorite varieties is the mishbrot, a typical soft bread that has a light acid taste.

The traditional german bread

Dairy Products in German Food Dishes

Dairy products are part of the German population’s daily life. There are many different kinds of cheese in the country, including the harzer käse or sour cheese that has a strong smell and a spicy taste. Its surface is smeared with yellow or red bacteria, and it’s usually spread on bread.

Dairy Products in German Food Dishes

What Kind of German Vegetables Do They Eat?

Vegetables are the perfect side dish. In Germany, you’ll usually find carrots, turnips, asparagus, onion, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and potatoes. All of them provide unique tastes and can be served boiled, fried or broiled as part of different recipes.

Abundant Servings in German Gastronomy

One thing you can’t complain about in Germany is food servings because they tend to be quite abundant.

This beautiful destination has specialized in many dishes that vary, as we said before, depending on the region. Now, we’ll share with you five tasty dishes that can become a full meal you can pair with beer or red wine.

#1 Try the Knödel

Once you’ve found a tavern, order knödel or klöße. These are boiled potto and yeast balls that you can easily find in Germany, the Czech Republic and in some regions in Austria. They’re the perfect side dish for any meal but they’re best served with meats or soups.

#1 Try the Knödel

Because of the potatoes’ carbs, they tend to be a bit sticky, but once you put them in your mouth, you’ll notice that they’re exquisitely soft. In some restaurants they sprinkle them with spices that give them a unique but likeable taste.

#2 Schweinshaxe in Bavarian Cuisine

Some main dishes that were created in the Bavarian region use meat known as schweinschaxe. It’s swine knuckle and there are two ways to cook it: boiled or grilled. The first version is more traditional and it gives the meat a very soft consistency that melts in your mouth. This pink-colored meat is quite tasty and it’s best served with knödel.

#3 Famous German pastry: Pfannkuchen

On the other hand, we recommend the Berliner, which in Berlin is better known as pfannkuchen. These pastries are filled with cream or jam, they’re sprinkled with sugar and they’re served hot and spongy. In this link you can see the preparation of pfannkuchen. Try them! You won’t regret it!

#3 Famous German pastry: Pfannkuchen

#4 Famous German Desserts

Indulge in these two desserts we chose for you. Sorry, we couldn’t choose just one. First, we have the käsekuchen, a marvelous cheese tart. Unlike the cheesecake we’re familiar with, this tart is baked. Therefore, the cheese turns into a soft cream that’s engulfed with a crunchy pastry. Let it glide in your spoon and into your mouth.

On the other hand, the käse sahne torteel is a cake with two layers of bread with a thick creamy filling. One piece will be enough to make you fall in love with this dessert.

With this menu, you’ll definitely delight in an exquisite German meal!

#4 Famous German Desserts - käse sahne torteel

#5 Typical German Drinks

German beer is popular all around the world. That’s why DINKtravelers, your world travel guide, wrote a whole article about this beverage just for you. As it happens with the dishes, German beer varieties depend on the region. Definitely, it’s something you must try in this country that’s so rich in culture, history and tradition.

However, Germany is also a distinguished wine-producer, particularly in the southern and eastern regions. Even if Germans usually drink wine by itself, sometimes they also mix it with sparkling water, a drink that they call weinschorle. It’s very popular during summer.

#5 Typical German Drinks - Weinschorle

Lastly, in Germany they also drink schnaps, distilled alcoholic beverages that are usually served in winter together with beer. One of them is the pharisäer, a cocktail of rum, coffee and whipped cream with sugar and hot water.

Enjoy great adventures in your next trip and taste the best of German cuisine.