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Hofbräuhaus Beer Hall, the Most Famous Beer Hall in Munich

By Andres Fuentes |

Toast a memorable trip in Hofbräuhaus Beer Hall, the most famous in Munich.

Do you feel like traveling around the world looking for new experiences? Do you want to visit huge cities and try their typical food and drinks? Prepare for a great trip because apart from visiting amazing historic and tourist sites, you’ll be able to try delicious food and refreshing drinks that will delight your palate. Beer is a beverage which you can find almost anywhere in the world. In Latin America and Australia it is a very famous drink.  It’s also famous in European countries like Spain, Czech Republic or Germany which have a great beer tradition. The destination that DINKtravelers, your international travel guide, invites you to discover this time is precisely in Germany. We are talking about the Hofbräuhaus Beer Hall in Munich, a place you definitely  can’t miss!

Where Is the Hofbräuhaus?

The Hofbräuhaus Beer Hall is a tavern located on Platzl 9 and Bräuhausstraße, in downtown Munich. It’s open from 9:00 to 23:30 h. Quench your thirst and satisfy your hunger with a beer and a pretzel!

Hofbräuhaus’ History

Hofbräuhaus, the oldest brewery in Munich, Germany, was founded in 1589 with the purpose of supplying beer to the royal Bavarian family, the Wittelsbach. It was built during the Second World War. However, from 1828 until today it has been open for the enjoyment of both locals and tourists. It’s the ideal meeting point for people who want to try its famous homemade beer and traditional food.

Hofbräu Beer

Hofbräu beer has been elaborated for over a hundred years, and today it continues to be produced according to the guidelines established in 1516. Nowadays, its four varieties are exported around the world. The four main types of Hofbräu beer are available for you to try at Hofbräuhaus Beer Hall. Try the one that best fits your taste.

If you prefer a refreshing but bitter taste, try the Hofbräu Original Beer, with 5.1% of alcohol. Lovers of dark beer will enjoy the Hofbräu Dunkel, the first beer elaborated in Hofbräuhaus after its foundation. It has an alcohol volume of 5.5% and an intense yet refreshing taste. The Hofbräu Oktoberfestbier has an alcohol volume of 6.3% and it pairs greatly with any Bavarian dish given its bitter taste. Last but not least, you can choose the Müchner Weisse, a beer with a very special history. It was elaborated for almost two hundred years for the exclusive consumption of the dukes of Bavaria.

But if beer is not your thing, check out the menu at Hofbräuhaus Beer Hall, where you’ll find other kinds of beverages such as wine and non-alcoholic drinks.

Hofbräuhaus Menu

On the menu of the Hofbräuhaus Beer Hall you’ll find three types of fresh salads and six varieties of bread (including the famous pretzels). You’ll also find homemade soups, German dishes, vegetarian specialties and desserts. What is more, you’ll also find many different types of sausages, which are perhaps the most popular food in Bavarian gastronomy.

The Halls at Hofbräuhaus am Platzl

Hofbräuhaus Beer Hall is divided into several halls. In each one of them you’ll enjoy a unique experience that will let you discover the lifestyle and history of the city and the tavern.

  • Festsaal or Festival Hall: It was built in 1589 by duke Wilhelm V as a venue for parties. It’s the biggest hall in Hofbräuhaus. Traditional music is played in it while performers dance Schuhplattler and travelers enjoy the vast Bavarian menu paired with Hofbräu beer.
  • Münchner Zimmer or Munich Hall: Here you’ll find a hall decorated with paintings of the city as it looked  back in 1570.
  • Erkerzimmer or Windows Hall: This large hall hosts cultural and social events as well as folkloric dance presentations and conferences. Its huge windows face the Platzl.
  • Erkerbar: It’s the living image of a tavern in the 1900s. It has a large, long table in the center, and wooden walls and ceiling.
  • Wappensaal: This hall is decorated with coats of arms of different Bavarian political authorities. It also has huge chandeliers that illuminate the tables where travelers enjoy the dishes prepared in Hofbräuhaus. It was originally built as a dining room for dukes and kings. Nowadays, it’s a lively feast hall and the home of the Zàm Rocken radio station. In that sense, this place represents the union between popular culture and history.
  • Schwemme Hall: It’s located on the ground floor and it has room for over 3,500 visitors. On the walls you’ll find names and comments written by travelers, as well as decorations and paintings on the roof. In the center of the hall you’ll find a gazebo. It is usually occupied by musicians that create an enjoyable environment filled with traditional Bavarian music.
  • Biergarten If you want to enjoy the best of Hofbräuhaus outdoors, choose a table at the Biergarten. This terrace is surrounded by chestnut trees and has a beautiful fountain with a Bavarian lion in the center. It’s a great place to enjoy a more quiet and calm visit to the tavern.
  • Bräustüberl If you want to drink a Höfbrau München with your travel companions, grab a table in Bräustüberl, in the second floor. You’ll find a more elegant and exclusive environment. Here, there are no decorations on the walls and roofs, and it offers the chance to have a more exclusive service. You can also listen to traditional music as you enjoy a magnificent view of the Platzl. Once there, don’t miss the chance to see the blue tile furnace and the Moriskan dancer figure on the wall.
  • Mozartstüberl This hall was created in honor of the great composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Listen to the classical artist’s work and to abstracts from “Idomeneo” by Mozart while enjoying your beer.

Reserve a table in advance by visiting the Hofbräuhaus’ website. The place is usually crowded so it’s not easy to find available tables. Also, keep in mind you’ll have to share the table with other customers.

How to Get to Hofbräuhaus in Munich? 

When it comes to transportation, we suggest you use the lines U3 or U6 of the subway to get to Hofbräuhaus Beer Hall. In case you prefer to use the bus, line 52 is the best option. Remember that Hofbräuhaus is located on a pedestrian street, so you’ll have to walk part of the way to get to the tavern.

Now that you know more about the most famous brewery in Munich, The Hofbräuhaus Beer Hall, don’t forget to stop by for a beer in your next visit to Germany. We are sure you will enjoy the visit very much, especially if you travel in the season of the biggest beer festival in the world, the Oktoberfest.