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Trips to See the Aurora Borealis

By Nahoko Sato |

From a red dragon in the sky to an Eskimo paradise, pack your winter clothes and travel to Norway to see the northern lights.


For your vacation, selecting the right destination is quite important. It’s not easy to choose where to spend your precious time. Well, around October, the Northern part of the Earth is slowly transitioning into winter season. So you don’t want to go there because it’s cold? Hold on a second! It’s true it might be cold but there’s a splendid and unforgettable scenery waiting for you, and you’ll find it in the sky.

Today we’d like to take you to Norway to see the beautiful mysterious phenomenon called aurora borealis or northern lights.


How does this natural phenomenon occur? Let’s see… The Earth is a huge magnet, so particles with electricity gravitate towards it. When they crash with oxygen or hydrogen in the atmosphere, they radiate energy that produces an effect of lights and color in the sky. It’s a natural wonder.

This phenomenon was named after Aurora, goddess of dawn in Roman mythology. There are several myths and legends related with the northern lights. For example, in Medieval Europe, people believed that if a red aurora appeared in the sky, it was a forerunner of disaster, war or god’s rage. Also, in ancient China, the aurora borealis was seen as a red dragon that lived in the sky. People believed that it was a forerunner of big political revolutions or inauspicious matters. And according to an Eskimo legend, good people would go to the land of the aurora after they passed away.


Nowadays we can still enjoy this phenomenon that hasn’t changed since ancient times. When you travel to Canada, Alaska or Iceland you will see what the medieval Europeans, the ancient Chinese and the Eskimo saw in their homelands. However, DINKtravelers recommends living this experience in Norway. That’s because there you can also visit towns and places like Tromso, Lofoten Islands, Bergen and Sognefjord.


The best season to witness the northern lights is from mid-August to early-April. Time wise, it occurs between 7pm and midnight, and the only requisite is for it to be dark and for the skies to be clear.

Nights in Norway are quite cold, so pack wisely!

  • Hat: It can be a ski hat or facemask but most importantly, it should cover your ears
  • Scarf or high-neck sweater
  • Jacket: Skiwear. It should cover your lower back
  • Underwear:
    • Layers –long sleeve cotton shirt and wool shirt
    • Leggings over thermal tights
  • Trousers: They should block the wind like skiwear
  • Shoes:
    • They should at least cover your ankles. Snow boots or hiking boots with wool lining are the best option
    • The shoe soles need to be thick and non-skid
  • Gloves:
    • Mittens are the best and it’s better if they cover your sleeves
    • Wear a pair of thin gloves under thick mittens

Now you’re set to go and enjoy the mysteries of the sky!