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Eating in a Pub

By Isabel Forga |

For the British, social life takes place in pubs, so you’ll find there the most typical dishes of this destination.


Probably, when you think about a pub, the first word that comes to your mind is: beer. It’s true that British cuisine, usually ignored for not being among the world’s most popular gastronomic traditions, is not ordinarily related with the concept people have of pubs. However, for the British, it’s very usual to have lunch, a snack, dinner or even breakfast in a pub.


When you walk into one of these cozy establishments, you’ll notice that the common procedure consists on heading to the bar and getting your drinks, or adding a succulent dish to your order from the menu that you’ll most probably find written on a blackboard, hanging from the wall. Then, you’ll be able to take your drinks to the table of your preference and wait there for the waiter to bring your food. It’s a basic and informal method, but it’s also quite convenient.


Among the most typical dishes that you can try in a pub there are some that are quite delicious and are not limited to the famous fish and chips, even if we can’t deny that the crunchy fish fillets battered in a mixture of flour, salt and beer, and accompanied with French fries are tempting anytime!

DINKtravelers recommends the shepherd’s pie, elaborated with ground lamb meat, or in some cases, beef, covered with mashed potatoes. The meat is fried with onion, diced tomato and other vegetables, and finally it may be covered with grilled cheese. It’s an authentic delicacy.

Another attractive alternative is the traditional bangers and mash, that is, sausages with mashed potatoes and vegetables, all bathed in gravy.

Likewise, the diverse varieties of jacked potato constitute a tasty choice. This typical British dish is actually very simple, since it consists on a halved baked potato that was traditionally spread with butter or coleslaw. Nevertheless, nowadays there are plenty other varieties and so you can find potatoes with all kinds of fillings, from tuna or ham, to the typical baked beans, which are navy beans with tomato sauce.

Also, trying the English breakfast is worthwhile. It’s served at any time in the day, although people usually have it at brunch time. If you order it, you’ll get eggs, toast, sausages, grilled tomato, hash brown and, of course, baked beans.

Finally, if you head north –towards Scottish territory– and you want to offer your palate a more extreme experience, try the polemic haggis. It’s the most popular Scottish dish and it’s prepared with lamb innards, liver, heart and even lungs. Add to that the fact that it’s cooked with several spices and you’ll see it’s quite a challenge for adventurous stomachs. Do you dare try it?


For the British, social life takes place in pubs, so it’s normal for the most typical dishes to be served there.

Any of these delicious options will taste even better if you pair it with a cold local beer.