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Royal Park of Greenwich

By Maria José Cervantes |

Greenwich is a place that offers great food, tranquility, astronomy, nature and history…all at the right time!


Imagine a place where you can relax after touring around the great British cities and have a cup of tea with your travel companions while enjoying views of a serene pier. Even more, if you are a globetrotter who likes pet-friendly destinations, think about an ample natural landscape where you can walk your pet and then sit underneath a tree to enjoy the fresh breeze while you read a book. Does it sound like something you’d like to do? We have some news: DINKtravelers has already found this appeasing spot and wants to invite you to visit it. We’re talking about Greenwich, near London, home to one of the biggest and most beautiful parks in the world; a place that combines the simplicity of nature with History, science and art.

Greenwich Park, declared World Heritage and Site of Metropolitan Relevance for the Conservation of Nature, finds its origin in the early 17th century, when it was built with decorative purposes and as a hunting ground. Some time later, a fence was built around the park and in 1662 it became part of the territories owned by king Charles II. Since then, the park has served as a leisure meeting place for many generations that come from all around London and, particularly, for the inhabitants of Greenwich.


Many tourists like you have visited this spot and their experience has been unforgettable. Part of the horizon is made up by a view of the Thames and, behind it, the tall and modern skyscrapers that rise together at London’s new financial district. Also, the green flatland is interrupted by an imposing white building: the Queen’s House. Without doubt, the landscape is worthy of a postcard and, actually, if you enjoy photography, one of the best places where you’ll be able to enjoy this canvass and capture the whole picture is the Old Royal Observatory, also found in the park.

Apart from taking long walks, Greenwich Park will give you the chance to visit several attractions. One of them is the aforementioned Observatory, located exactly on the planet’s 0° meridian. It’s the perfect place to set your watch to the correct time. In fact, if you get the chance to take more than one watch, do it!


Another attraction in the park is the Peter Harrison Planetarium, housed inside a bronze-clad cone and famous for its avant-garde design, and its 51,5º inclination that’s parallel to the prime meridian.

If you enjoy being outdoors, visit the Flower Garden that was created in 1890 in full Edwardian style. Its lake and abundant tulip flowers make it a beautiful scenery. There you can also visit the Deer Park and even spend some time looking for the more than 70 bird species that inhabit the area.

Now, if you are passionate about ancient history, at Greenwich Park you can also visit Roman ruins from the 1st century, as well as an Anglo-Saxon cemetery from the 6th century.


If you wish to make a pause at tea time before continuing your tour, the good news is that there are several coffee shops at Greenwich Park where you can order small cakes and fresh made coffee or even salads and snacks. Of course, DINKtravelers also suggests visiting a local pub after your day at the park so that you get the chance to order some fish & chips and a pint of stout beer.

As a last recommendation, before going back to London, remember to make a stop at Greenwich market, where you’ll find a wide variety of typical products and souvenirs you can take back home.

Without doubt, Greenwich is a place that offers great food, tranquility, astronomy, nature and history…all at the right time!