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Summer in Montpellier

By Daniel Alcalá |

South of Montpellier, France, discover the beaches of l’Espiguette and Palavas-les-Flots, and find landscapes worth admiring.


DINKtravelers wants to recommend a place you can visit all year round, but that is particularly nice during summer. We refer to the beaches near Montpellier, in France.

France is famous for its cities, its museums and its small towns, and whenever we think about its beaches, the ones that come to mind are Cannes, Niza and Marseille, which are not only popular for their beauty but also for the different festivals that take place there. But south of these destinations you can find the beaches ofl’Espiguette and Plavas-les-Flots, both very different from each other, but equally worth visiting. Besides, during summer they reach temperatures of up to 28ºC.


Palavas-les-Flots is found in the namesake-fishing town located 8 km south of Montpellier. The town is full of narrow and picturesque alleys that connect the sea with a lagoon. On the other hand, the beach possesses fine and golden sand, and even though it promotes a sense of relaxation, it also offers the opportunity of trying other activities. For example, if you enjoy nautical sports, this is a privileged destination to practice sailing, the most popular sport in that location’s marina. Consider that there are a lot of visitors during summer, so make your instructor and equipment reservations in advance. And when it comes to planning gastronomic experiences, Palavas-les-Flots, as a fishing town, is famous for its seafood, so don’t worry, you’ve got that part covered.

Near Palavas-les-Flots there’s a Safari route through the Camargo Marshlands, a site that’s protected as a Grand Site de France due to its unique landscape. There you can visit the habitat of the Camargo white horse, bulls and flamingos while riding a 4×4. Just remember that for this tour you need to make a reservation in advance, so plan ahead of time.


Now, if you prefer total calm, around 25 min. away from Palavas-les-Flots you’ll find L’Espiguette beach, located in the Grau du Roi commune. There you can breathe total tranquility and admire its huge sand dunes which can measure up to 12m. The beach is wide and quite deserted, and the only buildings you’ll find in the area will be the tall lighthouses that add a nautical touch to the landscape.

Prepare to relax and plan your trip to either a deserted beach where you can be in contact with nature or a small town’s beach that will give you the chance to meet the locals.