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Santorini Island Travel Guide

By José Ramírez |

This Santorini island travel guide takes you to the most emblematic places of the city and shows you why this destination has become the jewel of the Greek islands.  

When we travel to Greece we usually visit the monuments that represent the basis of Western culture. Whether we visit the Parthenon in Athens, the Odeon of Herodes Atticus or the Erectheion with its Caryatids, each monument reveals the world of fine arts. It is also a narration about mythology and classical Greek culture that’s been written in stone.

Today DINKtravelers, as your world travel guide, wants to invite you to discover an entirely different face of Greece. We suggest making a journey that has become popular among celebrities. Actually, they’ve made it synonymous with distinction, exclusivity and luxury. We have prepared a Santorini island travel guide to discover the most emblematic places in this jewel of the Greek islands. Now, prepare to enjoy this beautiful and paradisiac city.

The Island of Santorini

Most likely, you have traveled to some of the most beautiful Greek islands. Among them, Skopelos and Skiathos became popular after being used as a location of the musical Mamma Mia! However, Greece houses over 6,000 islands! You’ll be surprised to know that more than 100 of them are inhabited.

As you can see, there are many Greek islands to write about. Yet, we decided to write the Santorini island travel guide because it’s a favorite destination among travelers. It has become popular thanks to its turquoise waters combined with white houses embedded on the mountain. Its popularity is such, that nowadays it’s known as the jewel of the Greek islands. For his reason, this postcard landscape has become a common port of call for cruises that sail across the Aegean Sea.

How to Get to Santorini? 

If you take a cruise of the Greek islands in the Aegean Sea, it will probably take you to visit Santorini. But if your trip begins in another city in Greece or another European country, it’s easier to get there by plane. Simply fly to the Thira International Airport. The flight takes about 30 min from Athens. The good news is that during the high season there are many flights available at affordable prices. However, our Satorini island travel guide also considers travelers who prefer to enjoy the journey across the Aegean Sea. For them, our recommendation is to take the ferry.

What to Visit in Santorini?

We know that Greece offers an endless list of tourist attractions. Therefore, most travelers seek to cover as many cultural attractions as possible while only planning an express day trip to Santorini. However, we recommend staying at least for two nights in this jewel of the Greek islands. It’s the only way to have enough time to visit Thira (Fira) and Oia.

The Village of Fira in Santorini

Our first recommendation in this Santorini island travel guide is to visit the village of Fira. The village is also known as Thira, so you might find it written either way. It’s the capital of Santorini and it lies on the western part of the island. Thira is an excellent place to reserve a hotel in this jewel of the Greek islands, as it offers a panoramic view of the Aegean Sea. This is because it’s built on the edge of a cliff at a height of 400 m.

There, it’s a great idea to take a promenade along the narrow village streets. You’ll love the houses’ beautiful white façades. While you’re there, visit the ancient churches and monasteries that are an important part of the religious history of Santorini. We particularly like the architecture of the Catholic Cathedral dedicated to Saint John the Baptist. And if you’re interested in learning more about the origin of the village, visit the Thira Prehistoric Museum.

The Village of Oia in Santorini

Our second recommendation in this Santorini island travel guide is perfect for lovers of photography. You will surely recognize Oia because its white façades with blue domes have been portrayed countless times. The images of the sunset sun reflecting yellow hues on the deep blue shades of the Aegean are truly inspiring.

Although sunset is the most attractive hour of the day at Oia, we suggest arriving early. This way you can take a stroll along its charming alleys. They’re full of stairways and dead ends you’ll love to lose yourself in. In addition, this is the perfect place to buy souvenirs, since there are lots of art and crafts shops. Finally, don’t forget to visit the Platani church. It’s famous for two reasons. First, for hosting a maritime museum. Then, because it’s crowned by the blue dome that usually appears as protagonist in the photographs of Santorini.

Riding a Donkey in Santorini

When you travel to Egypt you know that as part of the tour you will go on a camel ride. What you may not know is that Santorini offers you a similar experience … well, kind of.

For years, donkeys have been the most used means of transportation and freight on the island. Nowadays they continue to transport people but as a tourist activity. You can start your tour at the seaport of Fira. That’s where you’ll encounter a long line of these docile animals waiting to be chosen.

It will surprise you to learn that no one guides the donkeys throughout the journey along the slopes. These nice creatures know the route by heart. Therefore, forget about searching for a route on your smartphone apps. Just relax, prepare your camera and enjoy the beautiful views of this jewel of the Greek islands.

If you hesitate about riding a donkey or you’d rather not make the friendly animal carry you on its back, do not worry. This Santorini island travel guide has other options for you. For example, if you love fitness, go on foot. Not in shape? In this case we recommend riding the cable car.

This jewel of the Greek islands is a small town, but it offers many things to visit. Above all, it’s a destination you should enjoy from dawn until dusk. Doing this will give you the chance to see the changing landscape throughout the day. Now, with our Santorini island travel guide, we’re sure that you’ll enjoy your next trip to Greece even more.