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Visit Skopelos’ Beaches and relive Mamma Mia!

By José Ramírez |

Travel to Skopelos in Greece and relive the best scenes of ABBA’s musical, Mamma Mia!  

DINKtraveleres knows that the world of filmmaking is a great promoter of tourist sites. It has been for a long time. For example, thanks to movies we have traveled to the Old Royal Naval College and to Salzburg. More recently, we discovered the town of Matabata, better known as Hobbiton, in New Zealand. Another classic romantic film of 2008 that we will always remember is Mamma Mia! which is the one that inspires us to travel today.

Skiathos and Skopelos 

Mamma Mia! is the perfect way to relive the songs by ABBA and to watch the multifaceted Meryl Streep. However, this movie’s great success also inspires us to visit the Greek islands of Skopelos and Skiathos, two places where they filmed several scenes.

If you saw the movie, for sure you remember the scenes that take place in the picturesque town, with its chapel, views of the sea and, of course, its beaches. Today, DINKtravelers, your world travel guide, has prepared for you a guide to visit Skopelos through the locations of Mamma Mia! 

Skopelos Island 

It’s part of the Sporades Islands in Greece. Given its size and location, it was one of the main filming locations. In Mamma Mia! the story takes place in Kalokairi, which means “precious time” in Greek. This island doesn’t exist, so the production team decided to use Skopelos as its main location, which is full of the exuberant vegetation that gave the movie its colorful spirit.

How to Get to Skopelos Island 

Unlike Santorini, Skopelos doesn’t have an airport, so our recommendation is to get to the island of Skiathos and take a ferry which takes less than an hour to reach Skopelos. Since the best way to get to the island is by boat or ferry, you have to locate its three ports:  Skopelo Town, which is the main port, Glossa, and Agnontas. These connect with ports of the Greek capital, Athens, and with other cities of Greece.

#1 Kastani Beach  

Surely you remember Sophie and Dominic singing Lay Al Your Love On Me in one of the most sexy scenes of the movie. This scene was filmed in Kastani Beach.

You can visit it when you go to Milia Beach since it is located only 21 km away from it. The beach will engulf you in blue waters and green trees. Spend some time relaxing and enjoying a delicious beach cocktail and listening to Ibiza style music at Kastani Beach Bar. You’ll be surprised to learn that this bar didn’t exist, but in order to film some scenes, the production team installed a provisional bar that ended up being the one you can visit today.

Kastani Beach Bar

#2 Glisteri Beach  

Do you remember the scene in which Sophie goes after her three fathers after being rejected by Donna? Together they sing Our Last Summer and they sail a boat to a cliff where the characters toast, share lunch, and even dive into the sea. Well, this scene was filmed at Glisteri Beach.

Glisteri is small and it doesn’t have any tourist services, so it offers an excellent opportunity to delight in the landscape and nature. Even during high season, it’s not crowded, so go there if you want to get away from big crowds. Enjoy its crystalline waters and practice diving to discover some of the most beautiful marine species in the region.

#3 Agios Ioannis Beach  

This beach is located only 6 km away from Chora and, unlike Glisteri Beach, it offers all kinds of tourist services. You will find several hotels and restaurants where you’ll get the chance to enjoy the best Greek food.

Glisteri Chapel

Don’t leave this beach before visiting its beautiful chapel, where Sophie and Dominic’s wedding scene was shot. Getting there will imply some effort since you’ll have to climb up 105 steps, but trust us when we say that it will all be worth it. Apart from reliving this part of the film you’ll get to enjoy a charming and romantic sunset.

#4 Milia Beach  

They also filmed some scenes there. However, it didn’t become as popular as the other 3 locations. However, the truth is it didn’t need any fame. For many people, it’s the most beautiful beach in the island of Skopelos.

The sand in this beach is made up of small stones that give it a white appearance. Stepping on them may be a bit uncomfortable at the beginning but you’ll get used to it after a while. Otherwise, pack your beach shoes. Also, since there are not many boats in the area, you’ll be able to snorkel and find many fish. If this was not enough, you’ll have an amazing view of Skopelos and of  other islands around it.

The 30 Beaches in Skopelos, Greece  

There are over 30 beaches in Skopelos. Some of the most popular ones are Pnormos and Sares. However, if you want to go on a daring adventure, visit the nude beaches in Velanio, Stafilos and Limnonari.

Playa nudista Limonari
Playa nudista Stafilios
Playa nudista Velanio

No matter the beach you choose, consider that the best way to get around is by car, motorcycle, or bus. We recommend you travel by boat so that you can get to the hidden corners of the island.

Don’t think about it any longer. Pack your bags, travel to Skopelos, and relive ABBA’s musical Mamma Mia!