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Ferrara Museum

By Ana Torres |

Your destination: Ferrara, the city where metaphysical painting was created. Travel on!


Visiting Ferrara in northern Italy means traveling to a place where time seems to have frozen. This small city, apart from being World Cultural Heritage according to the UNESCO, harbors the University of Ferrara, where Nicolaus Copernicus studied for some time.


Ferrara is a city that possesses a rich historic and architectonic tradition that lived its golden years during the Renaissance, with the Estense family, the second most powerful dynasty inItaly, only second to the Borgias.

In that time, the court turned Ferrara into a hotspot of the artistic world, because apart from being home to the royal official painters, it also nestled renowned writers such as Ludovico Ariosto, author of Orlando Furioso. Nowadays, the local library –where students from the whole campus meet– pays homage to this poet, since the magnificent Renaissance building is known as Ariostea Library.


Throughout time Ferrara preserved its evocative magic, given that the appeasing beauty of its streets became the inspiration for a new artistic style known as metaphysical painting.

DINKtravelers gives you the 5 main characteristics that will help you understand the aesthetic principles of this pictorial movement:

  1. Frontal vision and sober colors
  2. Remembrance of classic architecture
  3. Effects of lights and shadows that produce a melancholic effect
  4. The characters depicted in the paintings portray strange attitudes that seem disconcerting
  5. Objects represent nostalgia for the past and obsessiveness about how time passes


If you want to see the most famous Italian metaphysical paintings, you must visit the Ferrara Museum, located in Viale Alfonso d’Este 17, at the majestic Diamonds Palace.