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Miramar Castle

By Ana Torres |

Miramar Castle in Italy enchants visitors who stand on its balconies to admire the coast of the Adriatic Sea.


Northern Italy is famous for its closeness to other cultures; for example, the German and Swedish territory. For this reason, if you travel from Italy to other regions of Eastern Europe,DINKtravelers recommends making one last stop in the Udine region. This area, famous for its Far East Film Festival and its yachts exhibits, also harbors the unheard-of city of Trieste.

Trieste, in the coast of the Adriatic Sea, inspired poets like Italo Svevo and James Joyce, and it also nestles Miramar Castle, the former home of the Mexican emperor Maximilian of Habsburg. In order to get there, your best option is to take the train from Udine, and once you arrive at the station, take bus 36, which in less than 50 minutes will drive you to the town of Grignano. Once there, simply walk along the coast until you reach the castle’s doors. During summer, the weather is very warm, so wear light clothes and take a bottle of water so you can hydrate constantly.


Miramar Castle was built in the mid nineteenth century and it’s the perfect place to learn about the way of life of the last European courts. This place was home of the second emperor of Mexico: Maximilan and Carlota. Nowadays the building harbors a historic museum that you can calmly visit given its privileged location that attracts only a few tourists per day.

Entrance tickets cost six euros and the tour starts on the first floor, where you can admire the grand halls and the stucco stairway that leads to the ballroom, the libraries and the main chambers. Each room has tall windows that allow visitors to enjoy the immense views of the sea. That’s because the castle is located on the oceanfront, so when you see it from afar, it seems to be floating on the water.

Inside, the atmosphere is complemented by music of that time and works of art that adorn the emerald-green tapestry-covered walls. One of the most beautiful rooms is the chapel where the empress Carlotte spent most of her last years, praying for her beloved husband’s return, who, given the political problems that reigned in Mexico at that time, was finally executed in 1867.

Visiting Miramar Castle allows you to imagine its former vivacity and to relive the tragic love story of Carlotte, who day after day walked along the gardens until she reached the central stairway that led to the sea. There, she remained pensive, hoping to see a vessel that announced her husband’s return.

Live a thrilling experience in this place of transatlantic royalty and take with you the souvenir of a wonderful love story.