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Souvenirs from Rome

By Ana Torres |

Are you traveling to Rome and don’t know what souvenirs to bring back? DINKtravelers offers you some tips.


In DINKtravelers we know that souvenirs are much more than simple objects that we accumulate after traveling, because for a worldly sybarite, they represent the memory of a unique experience, a piece of geography that we take home with us together with the promise of someday returning to the same destination.


Rome is one of the European cities that enthuse tourists the most. It is the second most visited city right after Paris, with an average of 16 million visitors per year. The most frequented attraction there is the Coliseum, because just as we mentioned in another one of our articles, this place is a bridge that connects us with ancient history, and for this reason, the image that represents it is the most constantly reproduced in the souvenirs that travelers are offered.

If you don’t believe us, take note: you can find the Coliseum reproduced in more than 1,000 varieties of souvenirs! Some examples? Mugs, key chains, and t-shirts are the three best sellers, but you’ll also find them in the form of puzzles, pens, pendants, notebooks, bags, bracelets, hats, umbrellas, magnets and, more recently, as flash drives and cell phone covers.

Yet, for your trip to Rome to be more pleasant, you don’t necessarily need to choose one of these options. In order for your travel trophies to be really useful and original, we offer you:


  1. The smaller, the better. Avoid big and bulky adornments; they’re not easy to transport and later it’s complicated to find them a spot at home. Choose instead a small treasure, for example, a representation of Flavius’ amphitheater made of murano crystal, a typical Italian material.
  2. More and more, it’s common to choose typical gastronomy as a souvenir. If you want to share a unique evening with your friends while you tell them about your trip, buy a bottle of Spritz Campari, a typical aperitif that Italians enjoy on the shores of the Tiber.
  3. Supermarket souvenirs. Another trend is to visit the supermarkets in each destination and find there different products that are commonly consumed by the locals and that, on many occasions, are not sold in touristic areas. We recommend heading directly to the pasta aisles. There’s no other Italian city with a greater variety of pasta as the capital. Choose the most exotic one you find and prepare your palate; remember that traveling is going on an adventure.

With these three tips you’ll have the right tools to organize the perfect dinner party upon your return and show your friends your beautiful pictures, which will surely be the best memories of your journey across the Italian capital.