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The Best Souvenirs from Holland

By Ana María Rojas Mellado |

DINKtravelers brings you Dutch memories you can take home; unique souvenirs that you should buy in your next trip to the Netherlands.


The memories travelers have of a certain destinations remain with us even after we’re far away from the last site we visited. Sometimes, we even share them with other people when we buy souvenirs that serve as mental bridges that help us return to a certain place whenever we want to.

Searching for these objects is an adventure in itself, particularly when we visit the Netherlands. Flowers, wooden shoes and cheese are found everywhere at this European destination, and we guarantee that you’ll want to take them with you.


Tulips were taken to Holland from Turkey in 1593 thanks to the botanist Clusius. By the 17thcentury they were already so appreciated that bulbs were exchanged for considerable amounts of gold. Since then, these flowers have been an important part of everyday life in Holland. Actually, we’re sure that whenever you think about this destination you think about a colorful field crowded with tulips, which are the main subject of its landscapes. They have such big crops that the Netherlands produce 92% of the flowers that make up the flower-grower market in the world.

If you travel there in March, visit Keukenhof and enjoy an exhibit of the most impressive flowers. The rest of the year, you can buy seeds to grow tulips of different colors in Amsterdam’s Bloemenmarkt (Flower Market). This way you can have your own Dutch tulips at home.


On the other hand, while you visit markets and stores in Amsterdam, you can also buy wooden shoes, also known as wooden clogs, another iconic souvenir from Holland. They’re produced in all sizes and colors, while some of them are adapted to serve as moneyboxes and even brush holders! Yet, in the suburbs they’re still worn because they’re durable and safe. Actually, they’ve worn them since 1230, so they’ve been in vogue for over seven hundred years.

Wooden shoes are made in artisanal workshops using a single piece of wood. They’re truly a work of art and you can notice it in the decorations that are painted on them. Learn more about their production process by visiting the museum of De Zaanse Shans in Amsterdam.


Finally, don’t forget to buy typical Dutch cheese varieties named after the regions that produce themGouda, Edam and Alkmaar. In the Netherlands, they have a yearly production of over 674K tons of cheese that is also imported to 130 countries. They’re classified according to their aging process; so in order to choose your favorite, remember that younger varieties are softer and creamier, while more mature types of cheese are drier and stronger. There are uncountable cheese shops around the territory, and in most of them, as well as at the Amsterdam Cheese Museum, you’ll learn about the product’s elaboration process. Also, every Friday from April to September, you can visit the cheese market in Alkmaar.

Plan your next trip to the Netherlands with DINKtravelers and prepare to bring home a handful of incredible souvenirs.