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Esposende Tourist Information

By Ana Torres |

With its 16 kilometers of coast, Esposende is a natural overlook for people who love sunsets.


Summer is here and DINKtravelers knows that the first thing that comes to your mind is: I need a relaxing trip. In order for you to make your wish come true, we’ll share with you this idea that will turn your vacations into a cool new experience. First you must know that 5 out of every 10 travelers choose a beach destination during summer vacations, but only 1 out of every 2 of them choose to visit new coasts.

We want to take you to Portugal, a marine country by nature. Yet, today we won’t visit its most renowned ports –Lisbon and Porto. Instead, we’re taking you to a quaint corner full of seawater, and rocks. Rocks? Yes, on this occasion we have planned your visit to Esposende beach. Actually, we suggest booking a beach house on the coast so that you enjoy this natural paradise at its best.


Esposende is located north of Braga, facing the Atlantic Ocean, and it’s known for its rocky coast. Its beaches are part of the North Littoral Natural Park, a protected reserve that’s also conformed by the beaches of Barcelos and Seixos. With its 16 kilometers of coast, Esposende is a natural overlook for people who love sunsets.

Even though summer is warm by nature, Esposende is a very windy location, especially after dusk, so take a light sweater to avoid getting chilly. Also, wear sandals at all times to avoid stepping on rocks and pebbles barefoot. We must warn you that Esposende is for brave sybarites only because the ocean water is quite cold, but before you feel disappointed, remember that swimming in cold water offers many benefits; for example, it strengthens the immune system, it’s a natural way to hydrate the skin and it promotes blood flow. Ready to go for a swim?


Esposende’s geography has made it an excellent destination for people who practice water sports, because its challenging waves are ideal for kitesurfers –this sport consists on gliding on the water while wearing a harness tied to a traction kite. The show that surfers provide as they challenge the sea is simply astonishing.

But if you prefer to be in contact with the local fauna, you can go lamprey fishing –it’s a giant sea snake–, from January to March, or you can go bird watching in neighboring estuaries.

Before the sun sets, take a promenade along the coast but fix your eyes on the ground. The amber sunlight that illuminates the sea water-soaked rocks makes them look like glowing gems.


And if you want your silver lining, have lunch at the local restaurants. Order specialties prepared with cod and pair them with a fine Porto wine.