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Chocolate Around the World

By Nahoko Sato |

Learn about the history of chocolate and travel to the best destinations to eat it. Journey to chocolatey joy today!


Chocolate is the best guilty pleasure you can find to pamper yourself. But wait. Do you know anything about chocolate history and how it’s enjoyed in the different destinations you travel to around the world? DINKtravelers offers you the chance to discover the origins of chocolate and takes you to the lovely chocolate producing country of Switzerland.


Chocolate is made of cacao and originated in Mesoamerica around 2,000BC. At the beginning, prehispanic groups ate raw cacao beans, but then they also roasted and grated them to prepare a beverage called xocoatl. Yet, it was not a sweet drink because it was prepared with chili pepper, corn powder and even agave syrup. It’s hard to imagine, isn’t it?


So, when did chocolate become a solid and creamy bar? In 1847, a type of solid chocolate was made by Joseph Fry. He changed the history of chocolate by adding a greater amount of cocoa butter, rather than hot water, to cocoa powder and sugar. That was when the world’s first modern chocolate was born. Thanks to him, now we can stuff ourselves with endless amounts of delish bliss!


Now, after this brief summary of the history of chocolate, let’s travel to one of the destinations in which you’ll find some of the best varieties of this product: Switzerland. The Swiss are the number one chocolate consumers, eating 12.4kg of chocolate annually per capita, which means more than a kilo per month! DINKtravelers suggests visiting Swiss chocolate factories where you’ll learn about the process of making chocolate-based products and enjoy tasty treats. There are several factories to choose from so plan a route! If you travel between May and October, don’t miss riding the chocolate train. It offers a great culinary experience along with splendid sceneries from a panoramic compartment. The tour begins with a breakfast that includes a croissant and coffee. Your next stops will be a chocolate factory as well as a cheese factory. Program your trip and don’t miss it!


Lastly, let’s talk about the holidays in which people gift the most chocolate around the world.

  • Valentine’s day – (Feb 14th) 20% of the world’s annual chocolate consumption occurs on this day! In Brazil, it’s called Dia dos namorados and it’s celebrated on June 12th.
  • Easter
– Catholics commemorate the Resurrection and, in general, it represents the coming of spring. People gift egg-shaped chocolates.
  • Poisson D’Avril – (April 1st) In France, they celebrate the coming of spring and exchange gifts among family and close friends. Poisson D’Avril means “fish of April” so they gift fish-shaped chocolates.
  • Germany – (May) In spring, various insects come to life and in this European destination they are deemed as lucky symbols so they are portrayed in chocolates. The most popular of them is a ladybug-shaped chocolate.

Begin the journey to chocolatey joy today!