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Tourist Guide to Lake Tekapo

By Nahoko Sato |

Splendid starry heavens, a milky blue-colored lake, a mystical stone church and tasty salmon… what a nice combination! It’s Tekapo, New Zealand.


Did you know that there’s a sky that will probably be registered by the UNESCO in the list of World Heritage? If something like this happened, it would be the first time in history an area of sky received this honor. DINKtravelers is already prepared for this to come true, so we would like to take you to breath-taking Lake Tekapo in New Zealand.

This splendid place is located between Christchurch and Mount Cook. The sky there is wonderful all throughout the day, but the best occurs if you wait until nightfall.


Once you arrive at Tekapo, fuel up and get the energy you need for a day by trying the famous Salmon don (rice served in a bowl with salmon on top). The salmon will melt in your mouth with its fresh texture and incredible taste!

Next, head to Lake Tekapo. As soon as your eyes meet the landscape, you won’t be able to move from this wonderful scenery. The color of the water you’ll find there is called milky blue, and the secret behind it is that when glaciers move, they scrape the rocks’ surface releasing tiny particles called “rock flour”. Because of the reflection of this mysterious “flour”, the lake’s color changes everyday. Enjoy this wonderful phenomenon from the lakeside and then from top of the mountain.

Oh, and don’t miss another nice attraction at Tekapo. It’s the Church of the Good Shepherd, which was built in 1935 by the pioneers, and although it’s very simple in structure, it’s quite a beautiful stone church. Next to it you’ll find the Boundary Dog Statue that was built to praise the good work of shepherd dogs during Pioneer Days. Get your camera ready and freeze the memory of this scene with the milk-colored lake, the stone church and Boundary Dog Statue. It will be a perfect picture to share your trip with your friends.

Since you will still have some time before nightfall, relax in the area’s hot spring. Take a nice bath –swimsuit required– to heal your body and mind as you take in the view of Lake Tekaposerenely decorating the landscape before you. What a special hot spring!


Finally, get ready for the main attraction: gazing at the starry heavens! We recommend joining a tour that will take you to Mt. John Observatory (subject to change due to the weather). The tour guide will point out the stars with the help of telescopes that are set up outside and inside theobservatory. You will see countless for tinkling stars inspiring you to…well, wish upon a star. One travel tip for you: Avoid traveling there when there’s a full moon because it could outshine the stars.